Sunday, December 24, 2006

Personal Mission

Christmas is a great time to share Jesus with family and friends...especially those that have already accepted him as their Lord! Some would think it's all about sharing with those that don't know Jesus and certainly this is true. However, I find that often times we take our family for granted and that includes the church family because after all, they'll always be there for us. Hopefully, they will always be there for us but wouldn't it be great if they saw a new side to our personality?? Such as giving gifts they don't even expect. Or, sharing with them some of our precious time. You know, hanging out with them without expecting anything back from them...kind of like Jesus did. Just think about what could happen in our relationships with our family and friends if we lived like Jesus.

Remember, people are always watching might even be "sharing" Jesus to someone who doesn't know him by loving our own family and friends...unconditionally. This is what I call - Personal Missions. So what is your personal mission? Pray and ask God to reveal to you your personal mission then try something new this year with your family and friends...and watch God work!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Missions

Clovis Hills serves on mission through various Christmas projects. I've written about the Juvenile Hall Christmas party already so wanted to also tell about some of the other Christmas missions. I'm pretty new at this "blogging" bear with me! Anyway, enjoy the update!

Operation Christmas Child - 175 boxes donated in October! Then for the first time folks from Clovis Hills went to the LA area and spent a Saturday sorting boxes at the west cost distribution center! This project was completely run by a small group.

Refugee Home Visits - 10 youth and adults went to visit a family of 12. They learned a lot about the Hmong culture and had some way cool rice according to Greg Goodwin! This is an incredible opportunity to create relational bridges for the future.

Maroa Home - A Clovis Hills small group has adopted this as their Christmas mission! They give each man a shoe box filled with toiletries, socks and goodies - 34 in all. Then each of the men that get to go home for the Christmas receive a gift for their family members…all purchased and wrapped by Clovis Hills folks.

Angel Tree - 200 angles were chosen to receive gifts! These were delivered by the team of volunteers on Saturday, December 16th. Along with the gifts each family received an invitation to Clovis Hills outreach services and Christmas Eve services.

Fresno Rescue Mission - Christmas party will be happening this Thursday, December 21st and lots of goodies and gifts for the families who are spending Christmas at the missions' Family Shelter. If you would like to participate then email soon!

Okay, this has probably been a long post...but lots going on! I am very excited to see what God's doing in the life of our folks and what he has done - not to mention how he will continue to use those willing to step outside their comfort zone!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thanksgiving In India??

Have you ever thought of spending the Thanksgiving holiday by serving people in India? Since it is an American holiday one doesn't usually think of celebrating it on mission. However, think of this: Jesus spent his life being thankful to the Father by serving people thus modeling for us the example of grateful service. It the desire of Clovis Hills to help our members experience God fully through service. Missions is a vehicle for service that takes us outside our comfort zones thus allowing the Spirit of God to work in and through us. What an incredible opportunity!

We have in our midst a couple of folks who have just experienced Thanksgiving in India. They have some incredible stories to share with us. '>View video.

If you would like to learn more about this mission, join us next Sunday, December 17th at 12:30 pm room 209/210. We will be gathering to share stories of India and the vision for future missions.

Hope you can join us to hear about what God's doing in India!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Juvenile Hall Christmas Party

I participated in the Juvenile Hall Christmas Party last night and it was AWESOME! Clovis Hills has been a part of this mission since we began as a church. The Mid-Valley Southern Baptist Association has hosted this mission for many years now and as a result over 300 people from the central valley will participate this year!

Marcela, Missions Coordinator, facilitated and orgainzed our party. We had about 17 of our folks serve by playing games, providing food, reading story, sharing the gospel and basically just hanging out with these teens who are living in Juvenile Hall. I was priveledged to share the story of Jesus birth and crucifixion. I felt it necessary to highlight the two criminals being crucified alongside Jesus. It seemed relevant. It seemed an opportune time to help these guys realize God's love when they choose to accept Jesus. In fact, they too can hang out with him in heaven if they so choose. 20 young teenagers accepted Jesus last night! Woo, hoo!

Praise God!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Christians "On Mission"

What does it really mean to be On Mission? An "On Mission" Christian simply means someone who is fully committed to Jesus Christ and his purposes by living a such a life. In other words, "walking the talk" so as to share the good news of Jesus thus helping people understand that it is a gift freely given for ALL to accept when they so choose.
Therefore, it is a goal to offer missions opportunities that foster relationships of unconditional love which lead to a committment to Jesus Christ.

"On Mission" happenings:
Dec. 4th, we will be hosting a Christmas Party for teenage guys in Juvenile Hall.
Dec. 9th, building relationships with refugee families by giving them gifts.
Dec. 16th, delivering gifts to children through the Angel Tree project.
Dec. 21st, hosting a Christmas Party for the Family Shelter at the Fresno Rescue Mission.

Enjoy your "On Mission" journey!