Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fresno Rescue Mission * Maroa Home

Clovis Hills has been hosting a Christmas Party at the Fresno Rescue Mission for the residents of the Emergency Family Shelter for several years and this year is no different!

A ministry of compassion…
The number of families requiring emergency shelter, not just in Fresno but in the greater Fresno County area, continues to increase. Families who have lost their home due to fire, loss of job, economic conditions or other life crises need a safe haven where they can find the resources and assistance they need to get on with their life.The Emergency Family Shelter offers 14 to 30 day temporary shelter for families, including food, clothing, personal care, referrals to other agencies that can assist them, and most importantly love and hope through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Families are given food packages and other needed supplies when they leave the shelter, to assist them in starting over in an apartment.
It is the only emergency shelter in the greater Fresno area that accepts whole family units, including father, mother and children.

The Christmas party is just one way to begin sharing the love of Jesus...pray about joining us!

The Maroa Home is a Christian discipleship program located in The Tower District of Fresno, CA. The Maroa Home has been in operation since 1984. All of the men in the program are committed to changing their lives and helping others in the process. The Maroa Home has been restoring families for over 21 years and continues to this day with great success. This Christ-centered residential program offers structure, discipline, counsel, biblical instruction and life skills training to drug and alcohol addicted men in an extended family atmosphere.

Clovis Hills is serving at the Maroa Home this christmas by purchasing requested items as Christmas gifts for resident. Another way to serve is to give Christmas gifts for a family of a resident of the Maroa Home. Share the compassion of Jesus by serving the men of the Maroa Home.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Angel Tree * Willow Creek Health Center

Angel Tree is a program of Prison Fellowship and a ministry of the local church. Angel Tree seeks to transform the lives of the children of prisoners, their incarcerated parents, and their families and to reconcile them to their heavenly Father and each other.

At Christmas, Angel Tree provides a specific opportunity to connect with families and begin to minister to them. People from Clovis Hills purchase and provide gifts to the children of inmates in their parent's name. With each gift delivery comes the opportunity to share the love and hope of Christ. The cost of Angel Tree Christmas is minimal, approximately $40 per child reached. Each child is to receive a minimum of two gifts. When we send you the children's names we will include a suggestion for one fun gift and one article of clothing that the prisoner picked out using our gift guide. When you contact the children's caregivers, you should get their approval of the prisoner's gift suggestions and find out if they have anything more specific to add to the request. Each gift must be new and valued at $15-20.


Many elderly people live in nursing homes, assisted care facilities and extended care centers for the remainder of their lives. Some are fortunate to have family and friends visit them regularly. However, many suffer through loneliness and no one around to visit them. Hence the mission of ministry of Clovis Hills at the Willow Creek Center. Folks from Clovis Hills visit residents at Willow Creek Health Center and participate in a Worship Service. This happens every month and there are various ways to serve. All elements of a typical worship service are available such as music, singing, teaching the message and fellowship. Prayerfully consider serving the elderly in our community by sharing the love of Jesus.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alamos Neighborhood * International Students

Clovis Hills served the Alamos Neighborhood during "Three Wishes for Clovis" in the Fall of 2006. This Thanksgiving we would like to continue the community involvement in a neighborhood by giving food baskets. Since Three Wishes, we've continued to stay involved in the neighborhood by participating in two block parties sponsored by the Clovis Police Department. Let's continue the relationships we've started by serving this Thanksgiving.

International Students is an opportunity to provide a unique holiday experience by hosting a Christmas or New Years party and invite international students from Fresno State University! Did you know that students from around the world come to the valley to further their education and many spend 2-4 years in the U.S. without ever stepping foot in an American home? The "ends of the earth" are here so practice your gift of hospitality and befriend an international student.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Juvenile Hall Christmas Party * Samaritan Women

Juvenile Hall Christmas Party is a ministry which offers an evening of Christ-centered fun for youth incarcerated at the Juvenile facility. This is done in partnership with the Mid-Valley Southern Baptist Association every year. It offers the opportunity to serve the youth by ministering to them during the holiday season. Consider being used by God by joining this mission on December 4, 2007. Several ways to participate are:

  • Prepare gift boxes
  • Prepare food
  • Come out and share the evening by singing, playing games, and hanging out.
Samaritan Women empowers women who have expressed a desire to break the cycle of crime in their lives and to make choices that will help them fulfill God's purpose for them in their families and communities. One way Clovis Hills is ministering to the women this Christmas is by sponsoring a woman to the Clovis Hills Women's Christmas Luncheon. Consider sponsoring a woman by serving them in this way.

Go to Miracles of Christmas for details on serving on mission with Juvenile Hall, Samaritan Women or choose from the many options...check it out!