Sunday, December 9, 2007

Overseas Missionary Care

Going Global can mean many things to different people. Clovis Hills wants to encourage people to pray along with their family and/or Growth group about where God wants them to GO.

Some next steps...

  • Praying for people from another country or unreached people group (UPG).
  • Developing relationships with people of a different culture than your own.
  • Intentionally preparing for an overseas mission trip by getting your passport.
  • Preparing for a mission trip in the next 2-3 years by creating a savings account over and above your tithe and specifically set aside for wherever God would send you.
  • Adopt an Overseas Missionary and support them with prayer and small gifts throughout the year.

Developing an ongoing relationship with a missionary who is serving cross culturally overseas can be one of the most amazing ways to serve the Kingdom. Won't you consider praying about your involvement? For more information email or check out the current opportunities for the Miracles of Christmas through missions!

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