Sunday, December 16, 2007

What's Right With The World

On November 24th & 25th the weekend after Thanksgiving Clovis Hills began the new series of "What’s Right with the World". Often times in our culture we find ourselves focusing on what's wrong in and with the world. Well, Clovis Hills wants to focus on the positive and speak about the good stuff God is doing! Thus, I was privileged to speak with Pastor Steve on Compassion: The Glory of God Revealed through Missions. Seeing and participating with God through acts of compassion such as missions and specifically most recent the "Miracles of Christmas". In fact, as a result over 900 people were ministered to in the name of Jesus through the people of Clovis Hills. Praise God!

Another aspect of the weekend was the honor of hosting the Children of the World. This is an amazing ministry of children from around the world who travel to open our eyes to the struggles of orphans from their homeland. Here are just a few video clips of the children in concert.

The miracles have just started and will continue so, prayerfully seek out your next step on mission and experience the wonder of God!

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